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For starters, could a slight change in the words you use to describe your product, service or idea radically simplify your ability to influence, persuade and sell? 

Absolutely! In ways you probably never expected. 

Think about it. What do, -- "If the glove don't fit you must acquit" -- and "Squatty-Potty" have in common? Much more than you realize. 

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BRAIN GLUE makes it easier to close sales
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Have You Ever Wondered How To
Win More Arguments, Close More Sales, and Build Your Influence?

My Persuasion Method
Using Brain Glue 
Will Give You An 

“Unfair” Advantage!

Discover the Proven (and Ethical) Ways to Be More Persuasive So You Can“Hijack” Someone’s Decision-Making Process and Get a YES...in Virtually Any Situation!

Win More Arguments, Close More Sales, and Build Your Influence with a Verbal Self-Defense Method That Gives You an “Unfair” Advantage!

Discover the Proven (and Ethical) Ways to Be More Persuasive So you Can“Hijack” Someone’s Decision-Making Process and Get a YES...in Virtually Any Situation!

Here’s the REAL Secret to Getting More People to 
Do What You Want...

Why is it so hard to get clients to say YES...

To get coworkers to cooperate or agree with you…

Or even to get family members to do what you want?

In almost all cases, it has nothing to do with what you’re asking…

And EVERYTHING to do with their emotional state WHEN you ask.

There’s actually a scientific reason why people don’t respond to your requests.

Consider this:

When someone is tense, anxious, overly tired, or even angry…
...they release a hormone called Cortisol. This cortisol spike and adrenaline rush they have during these times makes them LESS likely to respond, make a decision, or take action.

And most people are in this heightened state of anxiety and stress MOST of the time.

In fact, once cortisol increases in the body, it’s still circulating in your system up to 36 hours later.

Which means trying to persuade or convince someone during that 36-hour period is almost impossible.
So then how DO you actually convince someone?

I’m about to show you a “brain trick” that helps you be more persuasive, more convincing, and more influential…

Simply by using the right “secret trigger” words and the right message to communicate what you really want.

But first, let me share how I figured this out...

My name is James I. Bond. 

I’m a “Behavioral Management” specialist and have spent more than 35 years as a marketing, management, and strategic planning consultant. 

I’ve worked with all types of businesses, from startups to home-based businesses to divisions of Fortune 500 companies. 

Early in my advertising business, one of my brothers was selling for me. He was a brilliant salesman. But it bothered me that he could sell ME better on the products than I could.
Here’s what happened…

I remember one time we were sitting with the buyer from Avon Cosmetics, asking if we had won a contract. 

The buyer explained to my brother, “John, it’s between you and this other company. I’d like to work with you guys but frankly, your price is a little higher.” 
Without hesitation, my brother leaned across the desk and whispered, “Why do you think the other guy’s price is so cheap?” 

There was a long silent pause, then the Avon buyer responded, “I get your point. Okay, here, let me give you the purchase order.” 

I couldn’t believe what had just happened. 

My brain almost exploded. Instead of having to negotiate, or having to lower our price, this guy agreed to buy from us BECAUSE our price was higher!

And it was all because my brother asked that ONE question. 

This floored me and I realized there was this amazing world of persuasion, that I knew nothing about. 
I was determined to learn how to sell, to REALLY sell, by using the right words, asking the right questions, and really understanding how people think…

So I’ve spent years researching, testing, and figuring this out. 

And I developed a set of tools you can use in any sales conversation, any time you’re trying to persuade someone, any time you’re marketing anything. 
Just imagine…

How much more powerful and persuasive would you be if you could:
  • Hit the “override” button in someone’s brain so they accepted what you were saying easily
  • Change someone’s emotional state so they were MUCH more likely to listen to you
  • Help someone let down their guard so they are more open to listening to you and helping you get what you want
  • ​Establish credibility and TRUST with someone within minutes of meeting them
  • ​Win arguments and close sales without struggling!
And that’s exactly what I teach to my students and clients.I'll tell you how I even discovered this little persuasion hack.

What People Are Saying About My Methods

“Jim’s guidance has been indispensable in helping me redefine my pitch so it’s much easier for people to hire me.”

Gordon Durich, Media and PR Specialist, Producer and Screenwriter

“Amazing. Frankly, these types of skills aren’t learned in school…”

~ Kathleen Gallavan, Director, British General Electric (division)

“Jim Bond is one of those rare... specialists who can combine years of experience and expertise with common sense, and put it all in a way and language that even the least knowledgeable can understand and use.”

~ Mike Scotto, SCORE National Advisory Council, Past Director of Marketing, JCPenney (division)

“I had the privilege of attending James’ (workshop)… What I was most impressed with is his common-sense approach.”

~ Jim Swieca, Impress Communications

Learn How the Brain Works and What Your Prospects REALLY Want...So They Easily Say YES

When you know how the brain works, and how to tap into the RIGHT parts of the brain with your words, you’ll be amazed by how much easier it is to get people to do what you want.

It comes down to asking the right set of questions, at just the right time, so the prospect doesn’t feel like they’re being sold to

When you do this right, you get better at persuading your clients, your coworkers, your family members and just about everyone else, on virtually anything!

This Is for You If You:

  • Are a coach, consultant, or online entrepreneur trying to sell your products and services in-person or online
  • Hate selling and cringe when you have to approach someone with a sales pitch
  • Wish you didn’t have to feel fake or sleazy when you’re trying to persuade or sell something
  • Hate feeling discouraged and disappointed when someone tells you NO (especially when you worked so hard on your pitch)
  • Wish there was a faster lead time to close a deal or get a YES, instead of having to follow up multiple times, send dozens of messages, and waiting for them to make a decision
  • Want to feel more EMPOWERED and more CONFIDENT every time you approach someone for a sale or when asking for something in a social setting
Before you send another email or meet with another prospect, make sure you learn and deploy these incredible secrets!

Learning a few secrets about how the brain works can INSTANTLY make it easier to:
✔ Influence
✔ Persuade
✔ Sell just about ANYONE!

    ...And I Reveal ALL the Secrets in My IN-fluence Power Pack!

    How To Influence, Persuade & Sell Anyone teaches you how to defend your ideas - so you can win more arguments and close sales easier and faster, using the decision-centers of your listener's brain.

    Here’s What You’ll Learn in the First Few Minutes of the Program…

    • PREPARE YOUR LISTENER TO SAY YES by instantly putting your listener at ease in a way that increases the chance of a YES by 300%
    • SOLVE A DEEPER WANT by pre-framing your product, service or idea as the ONLY solution to a deep seated desire in your listener (something that most people don’t even recognize!)
    • BYPASS NEGATIVE TRIGGERS by understanding the "triggers" accidentally turning your listener off
    • CREATE INSTANT TRUST with the 20-second "Truth Tool" that gets your listener trusting you from that moment forward
    • TURN EVERY NO INTO A POWERFUL YES by learning how to "Boomerang" the NO into an instant YES without being pushy or feeling like you’re “selling”
    • THE EYE CONTACT MYTH - discover the surprising place you should be looking at your prospect to instantly increase your credibility
    • CATCH OBJECTIONS BEFORE THEY BITE and overcome your listener's concerns without making things awkward or feeling like you have to be even more convincing with your pitch
    • OPEN YOUR LISTENER'S MIND so they’re 100% open to your idea or proposal, even if they were initially opposed
    All of this only scratches the surface of all the materials I’ve put together. 

    For the First Time Ever... I’m Sharing the 21 Power-Tools of Human Motivation to Simplify How You Get a YES!

    I've worked with dozens of the world's leading organizations... teaching hundreds of executives and key people these simple techniques, many that can be learned in less than five minutes.

    This is about giving you the tools of "Behavioral Management" that only a few people understand! 

      Here’s What’s Included in 
      My IN-fluence Power Pack!

      IN-fluence™ - The Art and Science of Persuasion ($699 VALUE)

      IN-fluence™ - The Art and Science of Persuasion ($699 VALUE)

      This is a complete course on how to influence, persuade, and sell anyone (Professional Version) using BRAIN GLUE. Discover the art and science of closing sales and winning arguments in virtually any setting. 

      Includes more than 2 and 1/2 hours of live recorded videos (divided into short 2-4 minute segments, so you can quickly start applying it), an Action Guide, Fast-Start Tips, and Techniques you can start using almost immediately!

      Learn what the pros know about influence, sales, and persuasion in this comprehensive program. Includes the following key lessons and tools:
      • The Power of IN-Fluence™
      • The Comedy of Persuasion
      • Quick-Start Secrets
      • Setting "Expectation"​
      • ​7 Tools of Instant Credibility
      • ​6 Reasons People Say Yes
      • ​7 Tools that Win a Yes
      • ​Applying This to Your Life
      • ​Additional Resources

      The COMPLETE Verbal Self-Defense Program ($199 VALUE)

      The COMPLETE Verbal Self-Defense Program ($199 VALUE)

      Discover the verbal art and science of closing sales and winning arguments faster in virtually any setting. 

      Verbal Self-Defense shows you to apply the tools of the IN-fluence program to persuade people and close sales when you're face-to-face with them.

      Includes an Action Guide with Fast-Start Tips and Techniques you can start using almost immediately!

      PLUS These 2 Bonuses!

      BONUS #1: The ONE-Client Breakthrough  ($97 VALUE)
      (Video and Action Guide)

      BONUS #1: The ONE-Client Breakthrough  ($97 VALUE)
      (Video and Action Guide)

      Turn ordinary clients (and even your boss!) into massive sources of income with The ONE-Client Breakthrough. 

      This exclusive blueprint shows you:
      • The 3 easiest ways to generate so much income from a single client, you may never bother going after another client again!
      • An innovative way to capitalize on the opportunities that most of us haven’t even noticed
      • How to leverage your client list to generate more income so you can spend less time looking for new clients
      • And more!

      BONUS #2: How to Answer Tough Questions with EASE! ($97 VALUE)
      (Quick-Action Guide)

      BONUS #2: How to Answer Tough Questions with EASE! ($97 VALUE)
      (Quick-Action Guide)

      Have you ever been asked a question so tough, you weren’t sure how to answer it? 

      I’ll show you how to escape the clutches of these “trick-and-trap” questions, so you don’t get trapped, uncomfortable, or left at a psychological disadvantage in ANY conversation!

      You’ll learn seven strategies that enable you to take control, without being put on the defensive, and without offending the other party… even if the other person is trying to make you look bad. 

      These are among the most effective ways to deal with a “trick-and-trap” question, derived from behavioral psychology and politics.

      A MUST-HAVE under your tool belt for getting through challenging conversations!
      Comparable top sales programs cost thousands of dollars.

      The IN-fluence™  program alone is a $699 immersive program and right now you’re also getting the Verbal Self-Defense program PLUS 2 bonuses worth over $500.
      Plus, you get extras like these:
      •              How To Influence A Woman
      •              How To Propel Your Presentations Using the 4 P's
      •              And More...

      But even though this package is easily worth over $1,000…

      You can get all the video trainings, cheat sheets, quick-start guides, modules, and other materials for an online-only price of…

      ONLY $47!


      And Your Results Are Guaranteed. 60-Day Unconditional Guarantee.

      You WILL win more clients and persuade more effectively... or your money back! Because you’re covered with my 60-Day Unconditional Guarantee…

      Like the crowds of people who have already gone through this program, I believe you will find this one of the most valuable programs you have ever experienced. 

      But don't take my word for it. Try it for yourself. If you don't find this to be some of the most valuable information and techniques you've ever learned, let me know within 60 days and you will receive a full refund.

      It's that simple!

      You Really Only Have 3 Options...

      Do Nothing and Go Back to What You Were Doing
      You could ignore this opportunity to persuade people more effectively, close more deals, and get ahead in life...and just stick with what you know and are doing right now. I get it. Change is uncomfortable, but only at first. I promise if you even just browse through the materials, you’ll be amazed at what you discover and what you can apply right away.

      You Decide You Want to Think About It
      You could hold off on pulling the trigger. Maybe you want to think it over some more. But you should know there’s no guarantee this will be available at the special price of just $47 with the bonuses and 60-day guarantee. That’s the risk you’re taking….
      You Take Advantage of This and Give YOURSELF An Unfair Advantage!
      If you’re smart, you’ll see what an incredible deal this is and how it can completely change the way you do business. It might even change your personal life! When you know how to convince, persuade, or influence anybody in business or in social settings, you dramatically increase your power. You notice a massive increase in your sales, connections, and your self-confidence!
      The choice is yours…
      This is a very limited time offer and I don’t want you to miss this opportunity!


      Reg. $197 

      ONLY $47!


       How do I know this will work for me?
      Consider how many sales you’ve lost and how discouraging it is to always be hearing a NO. I GUARANTEE you’ll be able to turn that around using my methods. The tools I share with you are easy to apply and it’s likely that you’ll see results almost immediately!
      How is this different than other sales trainings out there?
      Simple. I show you how to use brain science to achieve better results with all the different ways you communicate with prospects, clients, and even family members. These are battle-tested and PROVEN methods that will get you results.
      I HATE selling. How is this different than all the usual sales tactics?
      You’ll find that the way I teach and WHAT I teach is different than other methods and programs out there. This is about connecting with people in a new way and truly understanding what triggers them. It’s not about being pushy, aggressive, or sleazy. That’s why it works so well!
      How does the guarantee work?  
      Try everything out. Go through the video trainings, apply what you learn, use the checklists and tools I provide. And if you’re not satisfied with the results or impact you’re making, just email me for a refund! I’m THAT confident that this will work for you. And you can keep the bonuses!
      Will this work for any offer or sales pitch? 
      Yes! This is designed to help you understand human behavior at the core. I break down exactly what triggers people to take action, make a decision, and buy something. I also show you how to “intercept” their thinking process in a way that helps you get your message across more effectively. 

      About the Creator, James I. Bond

      James I. Bond is a "Behavioral Management" specialist, who has spent more than 35 years as a marketing, management and strategic planning consultant. 

      He's worked with hundreds of businesses of all size and type, from startups and home-based businesses to divisions of Fortune 500 companies. 

      For thirteen years, he also ran one of Southern California's leading behavioral management firms, employing psychologists and business consultants.

      He is a popular workshop presenter and past workshop chairman for the resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

      Early in his career, James was president of a regional advertising agency in Canada serving Fortune 500 and smaller businesses.

      Personally, besides being a father and husband, he is founder of The Father-Daughter Project and author of The Secret Life of Fathers, heralded by Fortune magazine as a "breakthrough relationship book."
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