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I know some of my  students want a “fast track” to get results…

They want to know how to tap into sales psychology at a deeper level and really become MASTERS of persuasion.

Doing this can accelerate your results and make it that much easier (and simpler) to get the YES.

So I created a powerful system that uses something I call “Brain Glue” to make ideas and offers stick in your prospect’s mind.
It’s the same sales psychology used by some of the biggest brands and companies in the world…

And I’ve broken it down so YOU can learn it and also apply it across all areas of your life!
With the 4+4 Brain Trigger Selling System, You’ll Discover THREE Types of Persuasion You Can Use Across ALL Your Marketing...
#1: Selling Your Ideas
Persuading someone of something (like getting your boss or a client to give you a raise)
#2: Selling Your Product or Service
Getting someone to say YES to buying your product or service

#3: Marketing to the Masses
Selling through advertising, social media, direct mail, and other channels.
8 Content-Packed Modules 
to Set You Up for Success! 
Through EIGHT Modules, suddenly, selling will be much easier, regardless of the method you are using. Within the first few minutes, you’ll already understand some of the most powerful “behavioral” secrets that transform ordinary websites, ads, social posts and one-on-one presentations into incredible sales-generating machines!
Here's a sampling of what you’ll learn:
  • A single word that can turn a “Let me think it over,” into a YES with almost no effort! (getting your prospect to justify why they MUST buy, rather than your having to do the selling)
  • ​How a simple fix to an ad generated a 638% increase in results – that’s SIX TIMES the number of sales generated from a change so simple anyone can do it.
  • The Magic Sequence that makes it easier to get just about any prospects to say YES!
  • ​How selling to a slightly different prospect could multiply your earnings almost overnight.
  • Techniques that simplify a person’s ability to sell for you… especially if someone needs to persuade their boss on buying from you.
  • ​The RIGHT emotion that transforms a looker into a real buyer.
  • Finding your most powerful “Hook Point” that clarifies why they MUST buy from you.
  • ​Visual Memory Pegs that improve your prospect’s memory of why buying from you is so important.
  • Two questions that will clarify your strongest selling point – for your ads, social posts and one-on-one presentations.
  • ​Why “Got Milk” is one of the worst ad campaigns ever, and how to avoid the mistake that turned it into a money-losing failure.
  • ​A simple way to boost your effectiveness on Zoom calls.
  • ​Save thousands on consultants, with the first ever Media, Publicity and Sales Promotion Worksheet – used by top pros, it shows you exactly how to find the best marketing tools for your product or service.
  • ​A text-messaging trick you can use RIGHT NOW to boost your website conversions almost immediately – regardless of the type of business you have.
  • ​Eight tools to choose from – that suddenly make your prospects ready to buy RIGHT NOW.
  • ​A question so powerful, it stops your prospect in their tracks and makes them eager to hear you out… something you can use in your ads, posts and presentations.
  • ​Attention-grabbing tips and techniques that boost your prospect’s receptiveness to your product or idea.
  • ​How to identify something your prospect wants so badly, that linking your product or idea to it will radically simplify your ability to sell.
  • ​Something used by the creators of the HBO tv series “Band of Brothers” and the “Rocky” movies that turned nobodies into international rock-stars… something you could easily replicate for yourself and your product.
  • ​How to use your prospect’s “voice inside their head” to get them to say YES!
  • ​How PAST-PRESENT-FUTURE questions get your prospect explaining exactly what you need to say to get them to buy your product, service or idea.
  • ​Question Templates you can use right now with your own business.
  • ​How the movie “Boiler Room” shows us how to nudge prospects across the finish line, even if they’ve been resistant.
  • ​How to calm your prospect’s biggest fear so they are comfortable buying from you right now.
  • ​And more!
The first half of the program is the SETUP:
  • Exactly how to target the RIGHT person (not always who you think!) that simplifies HOW you get the yes you want;
  • Your “EMOTIONAL HOOK” that will be at the heart of how you sell and persuade - your core message;
  • A MASTER LIST of the methods you will use to reach your prospect, whether it be one-on-one, identifying allies to help, using email, advertising, social media and more;
  • CONVERSION TRIGGERS to get your prospects to BUY NOW! 
And the second half of the program is about HOW YOU PRESENT:
  • STIMULATING your prospect with the right words and visuals where you learn how to open their mind so wide, they’re practically ready to buy from you even BEFORE they find out what you’re selling!
  • ENGAGING a prospect’s mind through powerful “behavioral” tools that get them self-identifying as someone who wants your product or idea, and having them explain exactly how they want you to sell them
  • PRESENTING your product or idea in a way that simplifies their understanding of WHY they should buy it
  • CROSSING THE THRESHOLD and overcoming resistance someone might have so they say yes NOW. 
The great thing about this system is you can use it across DOZENS of different communication platforms.

It’s designed to work for your website, your social media, and even during one-on-one presentations!

Whether you’re selling products over the phone…

Over the internet…

Or even on stage…

You’ll learn some of the most powerful principles of persuasion that make selling easier and accelerate your results!
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